Friday, June 3, 2011

1st milestone

Well Ryker has been trying, for about a week or two, to roll over from his back to his tummy!!! He finally did it on JUNE 1st.
I was at work all day long, went and picked him from daycare, went home and my sister was there. I have been painting letters for peoples' baby rooms. She was coming over to help. Well anyway Colby and I really needed to go to the grocery store, so we left Ryker with her so it would be a faster trip. She called us 2 or 3 times telling me 'HE ROLLED OVER HE ROLLED OVER LOL' I said 'DO WHAT???' I have been waiting on this moment for a couple of weeks now and the ONE night we chose to go the grocery store he decides to do it!!!! So we get what we need and hurry home. And of course he doesn't do it for the rest of the night!!! Just my luck! I did however get to see it the next night. It's his 1st milestone in his life to begin the journey to leaving the nest!! I still got a long way to go tho!

Well until next time........

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We didnt' dye easter eggs this year, because Ryker is too young, but we did go to Great Grammie's house. He played and laughed until he couldn't play and laugh no more. He had everyone visiting him. It was almost like Paige who? I didn't exist! lol Relatives came over that haven't seen him and got to hold and talk to him. They ate him up! He was exhausted by the end of the day.

MAY 6, 2011
Went to Shreveport for Ryker's hip displacia appt. Had an x-ray done and everything is fine. He has alittle bit bone in the right than the left, but she said that was normal, because we aren't semectrical anyway. He weighs 13lbs and 7oz now, 22 inches long!! We go back in 4 months.

Ryker is trying to roll over, crawl, and sit up on his own. He thinks he's such a big boy. He's trying to do everything at once. He's getting so big. He's learned to smile and now laughing. He's the cutest thing ever!

Well until next time..................................

Friday, March 25, 2011

Times are rolling....

Well it's been forever since I have written. Ryker is keeping me so busy. Lets see where do I start...... He was born on January 13, 2011. He was 6lbs and 18.5 inches long. He was wide eyed and alert when he came out. He must have enjoyed being in my belly because every time the doctor would try to scoop him out he would turn around and slide right back up in me. January 14, Ryker had to be put in a pavlic harness. His hips didn't develop in the sockets properly. He wore it for about 3 wks and got it taken off February 7th!By then he weighed 7lbs and 13oz. He has been just a kicking since he got that thing off.At his 2 wk checkup he was alittle OVER his birth weight which was awesome. Still alert as ever. At 3 wks he was already holding his head up.He doesn't like to be held like a baby. He likes to sit up and look around. He already thinks he's a big boy.During the first 6wks all he did pretty much was eat, sleep, and poop! Now he is 8 wks old and just a smiling and laughing. His dimples make my heart melt each time he shows them. He's hardly ever fussy and wakes up only 1 time a night. Although if he does get just the least bit fussy and grammie is around look out because she's right there to pick him up! LMAO (Sorry mom) We always tease her. With the pollen the way it is right now we are all congestion, sneezing, and coughing. We all have allergies. I will have to learn how to put pictures on here to show ya'll his progress. We go back to the doctor on April 8 to have a x-ray done on his hips to make sure they are in place and growing properly. Well until then......

Monday, January 10, 2011

4 days and counting....

JANUARY 4 Well I went to the cardiologist, filled out all my paperwork, copied insurance cards, waited, and the receptionist decided to ask me if I was PREGNANT??? I was like,"Yea" (it was kinda obvious lol) She responded back saying we don't see pregnant people. So that was a waste. So Im just going to wait and loose weight and see if I still have the problem with my racing heart after Ryker's born. JANUARY 7 Got to my OB at 10:45a.m. and waited 2 hrs. My doctor was making another delivery. She comes in and has to leave out again! Staff told us to go eat and come back @ 1:30. Come back @ 1:30 and still had to wait another hour for her to see like 5 people! Saw her for 5 minutes out of 3 hrs of waiting!!!! She measured me, checked to see if I was dilated, and give me orders to get in the hospital for my c-section! All I have to say is I'm glad this is almost over with. Got off work and colby had all the furniture moved when I got home. We got new flooring for the living room. He ripped up the carpet. Then he primed our soft wood floors. That had to dry overnight. Got up Saturday(January 8) morning @ 8:30 and started laying and let me tell you...IT GOT FRUSTRATING!!!! lol Took Colby all day to lay. He worked on it about 10 hrs!!!! Dad and them came over Sunday(January 9) to help us finish up and make the outside cuts! It's finally done!! Now we are just waiting for it to dry and then we will move our furniture back in tonite (January 10)!!! JANUARY 10 Well today is mine and Colby's 2 year anniversary. Can't believe it's already been 2 yrs and it has been long and hard! They say the first year is the hardest and believe me it was! But now everything is back on track and going great! We are sooo happy! This morning I called our anniversary into the radio and we won! We get a free dinner to the Iron horse. It's a new BBQ place that just opened up by our house! I've never won anything on the radio. It was exciting! lol Well I think that is all for now...It was a busy week. We are sooo tired! We got about 3 days to rest and then the real fun begins! Until next time............................

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

January 13 is officially on the books for Ryker's Arrival


Went to the doctor this morning for my final ultrasound. Ryker is about 5lbs. She is predicting in 3 weeks he will be around 6lbs 10oz-7lbs. Saw the doctor for labs and cultures. My blood pressure seems to be rising. When I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago it was 136/80. Today it was 140/86. So I have to do a 24 urine test to make sure I don't have pre-eclampsia and more lab work for that. So if it isn't one thing it's another! I'll be sooooo glad when I don't have to do the needle thing anymore. I HATE NEEDLES!! This kid is already causing me problems and he isn't even here yet! lol O Lord, what did I get myself into!? hahaha I go back to the doctor on Monday to review my results from my urine test and labs.I'll be soo glad when he gets here so that everything will get back to normal..well almost normal!

Until next time.....

Friday, December 10, 2010


Went to my dr's appt for check-up, Waited an over an hr, dr had not one but two emergency surgeries and it was going to be another 2-3 hrs before she got to clinic. I rescheduled to 12/10/10 because I had been there since 10 and I was hungry.

Had my work baby shower! The girls here are awesome. Got alot of good useful things and $220 to get more useful things, because Im going to need them!!!!!

Well went to the doctor today, waited over 2 hrs, almost didn't get to see her again due to another pt, but I have been having anxiety attacks and we don't know why. I've never had any problems than having a heart murmur at birth that I supposably grew out of. So....I have to go see a cardiologist. They will do an EKG and a echocardiogram! Other than that Ryker is fine..heartbeat is 130 and I have about 5 wks left.

Monday, November 22, 2010

7 wks left!!!

Went to the doctor for another ultrasound and checkup! Ryker was sooo sweet and cute! He opened his eyes for us and seems to be a happy baby considered he smiled and showed off his DIMPLES!!!! It made my heart melt and brought tears to my eyes! He should be here and no later than January 13th! His heartbeart this time was 136 which is still normal and he weighs 3.1lbs. Dr. Sheppard stated he is alittle on the small side, but he should be about 7lbs when he gets here. Next appointment will be December 3.

Mom's bday was the 18th, but we celebrated it on Saturday and surprised her and took her all the way to Natchez, MS to eat at one of her favorite restaurants "Kings Tavern". Which they say is haunted! The atmosphere was cool and the food was great! We got her a kindle consider she LOVES to read. All in all we had a good time.

Well until next time............

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11 wks and counting!

Derek and I went to the doctor for our 2 wk checkup. She measured me, listened to Ryker's heartbeat (which was 156 again) so very stable, talked to me alittle bit about c-section consents, registration at hospital, pediatritions, etc. Waited 2 hrs for her to be in the room with us for about 5 minutes. Go back on Nov. 19th for an another dr's visit and ultrasound.
Had my first baby shower that was thrown from a family friend and one of my best friends! It turned out awesome! There was about 30-40 people that came. GREAT TURNOUT! Got wipes, diapers, room decor, bath necessities, plenty of clothes, socks, and hats, bottle warmer, womb bear, stuffed animals,etc. Still need alot of the stuff I NEED. Definitely need more bottles,diapers, mattress for crib, and definity need baby hangers (don't have any of those) etc.
Got home, Colby and I went ahead and got everything up and in it's place. Ryker's room is starting to look like a nursery and not a junk room anymore. LOL
Work will be throwing me another shower next month.
Until next time....

Monday, October 25, 2010

Over the weekend

OCTOBER 22, 2010

Well Friday at 9 a.m I went to the doctor to do a glucose test, lab work, and an ultrasound. Everyone told me how disgusting the glucose drink was but it wasn't bad. It tasted like an Orange Sunkist drink. The trick was to drink it in 5 minutes! Then Derek and I had to wait an hour before they did the lab work on me which was about 11:05. Then we waited about another hour just to see the doctor! So we were there for 3 hours! The good note is I passed my glucose test, so no gestational diabetes for me! As far as Ryker he is good, growing, and kicking the crap out of me! lol Mom always wants to feel my belly to feel him kick but he always stops when she is near! I told her he can sense evil!! LMAO. He weighs 2.1 lbs and is no longer breeched. I will still be a c-section tho due to my previa. Dr. Sheppard is thinking we will be taking him around January 17th if no complications pop up between now and then.

OCTOBER 23, 2010

The family did a garage sale on Saturday only to help raise money to get Ryker baby furniture (well that's what I will use my money for). That stuff isn't cheap! We ended up getting up bright and early and started selling! We ended up making between all of us about $300 and sold pretty much everything!!! For it being the end of the month and being our very first garage sale we were all shocked we did so well and sold soooo much stuff. We actually had fun doing it to, except the whole part of getting all the stuff out and pricing it. The time went by so fast. Mom called me yesterday and stated that a lady came back and bought more!!!

OCTOBER 24, 2010

I didn't do much yesterday. I got up about 11a.m watched T.V. and ate lunch. Then I cleaned and did laundry to get ready for the work week. Then it was nap time for the afternoon. About 3p.m I got a craving to go out and get a waffle cone with chocolate ice cream with crushed peanut butter cups!! That was the only time I left the house. Then about 7p.m cooked supper, ate, and by 8 I was out and didn't even realize it until about 1 or 2 in the morning! Oh well may as well get plenty of sleep now because when Ryker comes who knows how much sleep I will get!

Until next time....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A little UPDATE (part 3)

Well had another appointment this morning. The baby is breeched and I will definitely be a c-section due to my placenta. My blood pressure was 100/70 today. I haven't had any more episodes since Sunday as far as the hemorrhaging which is good but the doctor said if I have 3 more episodes between now and 33 wks of my pregnancy, they will give me steroids to make the baby develope quicker and do a c-section on me by 34 wks! Which means slight possibility Ryker will come before Christmas!!! I hope he don't tho. I hope I can keep him in until at least the beginning of January. Ryker's heatbeat was 156. Which is normal. I have to have a sugar test, another ultrasound (to be done at least every 4 wks at the moment), and more blood work done! O joy! Mom says she has us on every prayer list out there!! lol I think that's all I have for now.....
Until next time....